Hi there, my name is Jen Langman and I’m a Cleveland, Ohio based graphic designer, photographer, and travel blogger.

My creative vision is fueled from a well rounded history in fine and commercial art, graphic design, craft and of course photography and retouching. This experience has given me the insight to see a project as a whole. I can see multiple final results as well as the paths to get there. While I love directing art to get it to its final look, I also like to collaborate with other creatives to unify a vision.

When I’m not creating, you can find me: Reading. I’ve challenged myself to read at least fifty books a year. Traveling. I love it so much that I made a blog for it. It fills me with so much inspiration. I love live music, boxing, yoga, plants, and going outside. I also love staying up to date with pop culture, it’s my fountain of youth. 

Here's some random things about my creative history:

I've been photographing live music since 2002. Well, officially that is. I was sneaking my camera into shows prior to getting press . passes. It's one of the most exhilarating things I get to do. Select musicians and bands I've worked with and photographed: 311, N.E.R.D., Jack Johnson, Nelly Furtado, Blondie, Silverchair, Snoop Dogg, The Wailers, Gym Class Heroes, Alice in Chains, Incubus and more.

My start in graphic design and commercial art was without computers. They existed, I'm not that old. However, a majority of my foundation courses were taught the old school way with pencil, pens, markers, gouache, paper, rulers and other essential tools. These have been some of the most valuable skills I've ever learned. Marker renderings, layouts, illustrations, typography - everything was done by hand. Oddly enough, I used to hate computers. Look at me now!

I designed a jewelry line named Forelements. I don't work with jewelry as much these days but in the height of my creating I hosted an online shop, had a website and online presence, directed photoshoots for my look book and at one point caught the eye of local fashion designer and Project Runway alum Valerie Mayen who invited me to sell at her shop Yellowcake during an event leading up to her Hullabaloo fashion show.

I worked as a craft designer. Yup, this was a legit job and it was pretty awesome. I created projects with a variety of materials from wood, paint, beads, and floral to name a few. I was constantly experimenting with new product and creating new projects and techniques using them. I taught classes, created visual displays, project instructions, and demonstrations to help others reach their creative potentials. I caught the eye of the corporate office with some of my projects that were used in marketing materials which in turn helped sell out product across many store locations. I'd often split my time between the retail location I was based out of and the corporate office helping the lead designer work on projects for catalogs, project sheets and store signage for several leading retailers who sold craft materials.

Thanks for visiting! If you’d like to get in touch to work together, collaborate or talk creativity drop me a line at jenrlangman at gmail dot com. 

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