Commercial Retouching
Here is a sampling of retouching work I’ve done for commercial purposes

eCommerce on model recoloring and retouching. Retouched skin, fabric and recolored tanks from one original image.
Tank top recolors
photography © TRG Reality

eCommerce product recoloring and retouching. Retouched and recolored all images from the red scarf.
Scarves recolored
photography © TRG Reality

eCommerce product retouching. Knocked out on white, retouched and made clear plastic accent stand out.
Necklace before & after
photography © TRG Reality

Catalog / Web Retouching: Moved item, adjusted background, created am overall haunted nighttime feel.
Halloween Stills before & after
photography © TRG Reality

Photo For Print: Pulled parts of other image to fix soft facial features since image was to be enlarged for trade show use.
Michael Symon
photography © TRG Reality